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Are you planning a refurbishment or renovation for your workplace?

We often hear hesitation to install a Micro Market for this reason. Providing access to nutritious food options empowers employees to make healthier choices, fuelling them for optimal productivity.

With our ‘pop-up to in-built’ model, you can start supporting your team’s needs right away, even during refurbishments. Here’s how it works:

Morsl pop-up market – Flexible, Movable, and Quick to Install

Our temporary pop-up markets can be set up in a single day, offering the team immediate access to fresh and nutritious food throughout the refurbishment process. They’re designed to be flexible and movable, allowing for easy shifting around as necessary during construction.

Seamless Transition to a Permanent Market

Once your refurbishment is complete, we seamlessly transition the equipment from the temporary market into a permanent installation. The point-of-sale kiosk, surveillance equipment, and coolers simply get transferred over, eliminating double handling and ensuring uninterrupted support for your staff.

Design Support

By involving us during the refurbishment, our design team can collaborate with you to seamlessly integrate the final market into your new breakroom space. This ensures that the market maximises social cohesion and exceeds your team’s expectations.

Start Supporting Your Team Today!

Don’t let refurbishments delay the support your team deserves. Our ‘pop-up to in-built’ model offers a seamless and efficient way to get started with Morsl, providing your team with access to fresh and healthy food without delay, and at little to no cost to you.

Ready to create a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace? Contact us today to learn more about how Morsl can elevate your workplace environment!