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In mid-March, Morsl opened our first micro market with Ampol at their huge Brisbane refinery in Lytton. The bright, modern Morsl market was opened to replace the site’s existing canteen facility, which after many years had become insufficient to meet the changing needs of the team.

When the transformation was unveiled to the Refinery team of 800, they were blown away!

“A lot of different options, especially for me as a Coeliac”

“It’s a dramatic change and I think it’s really what we need”

“It’s great to have 24-hour options!”

Beyond access to nutritious food, Ampol’s new Morsl market is perfectly suited to their dynamic, 24/7 operations, easily accommodating peaks in demand, helping to ensure the team has sustained energy.

Previously, the conventional canteen closed daily at 2pm, leaving a significant portion of the team without access to food and drinks during their break.

Ampol recognises the significance of supporting their team’s nutrition, and our collaboration emphasizes their commitment. With the strong correlation between good nutrition at work and enhanced concentration, energy and productivity, it’s a win-win for all!

Step behind the scenes of our grand opening at Ampol and hear what the team have to say: