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Morsl is Live With Its First Location

Morsl has hit the ground running launching its first live location at The Missing Link.

The Missing Link is an award winning IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security Company that is situated in the industrial area of Artarmon. Their industrial chic office is situated close to a cafe, which closes at 3pm and a greasy takeaway shop up the road. In addition to these options, the staff had onsite access to a traditional vending machine. Overall, the staff had limited access to healthy food options.

“When the Morsl team approached us, we absolutely loved the concept. Whilst we already provide our staff with free water, fruit and cereals, we loved the idea that we could provide our staff with a healthier food solution, available 24/7,” Alex Gambotto, CEO of The Missing Link, says.


“It’s amazing quality. It’s fresh and healthy. This is another tool in attracting quality talent to our business. I am a very frequent user of this innovative micro market due to being quite time poor and wanting to have a healthy lifestyle.”


The team at Morsl are excited to partner with The Missing Link and through valuable feedback from its employees and management, we will continue to evolve our offering to ensure it meets the needs and preferences of its staff.


Finally, we can’t miss the opportunity to point out the irony that our first client is called The Missing Link, given we view our solution as the missing link to corporate health and wellness programs. We think it was meant to be.

Morsl Launches Its Self-Serve Food and Drink Market For the Workplace

Do your employees have convenient access to healthy foods? Are you able to attract and retain quality talent by the food options you offer onsite?

The missing link to today’s challenges

Australian employers are facing the ever-increasing cost of absenteeism, estimated at almost $30 billion per year.* With the rising incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes, there is evidence that Australians must integrate better dietary decisions into their everyday work life. Morsl is able to provide the missing link to many corporate wellness programs by having a fully integrated and sustainable healthy food solution that offers unrivalled onsite convenience.

What is morsl?

The Morsl market is a 24/7 open market, located in secure workplaces with greater than 200 employees. The solution is a nutritionist curated selection of 200+ fresh food, drinks and snacks. The technology platform uses today’s smartest technology to deliver fast and easy transactional use.


Our vision

“Morsl’s vision is to bring a better-for-you eating lifestyle to workplaces”, said Karla Borland, CEO of Morsl. “Our markets solve the time-consuming challenge of finding convenient, healthy and nutritious food. We provide an enhanced experience through open product access allowing employees to view nutritional information and ingredients, a broad product variety, multiple cashless payment options and great promotions. Typical vending machines no longer meet the needs of today’s employees. ”

Through Morsl, companies can enhance their employee experience, increase productivity, cater to flexible working hours and most importantly improve employee health and wellbeing.


*AiG absenteeism and presenteeism survey report 2015