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According to the latest Vending Market Watch ‘State of the Industry’ report, more and more workplaces are switching from legacy vending machines for the healthier and more diverse range offered by micro markets. The report sheds light on the US vending and micro market industry and uncovers evolving trends and growth areas. With the US micro market industry being a few years ahead in maturity, this report offers crucial insights into the rapidly changing workplace food service and employee wellbeing landscapes in Australia.

As we delve into the highlights of the 2022 report, the evidence is clear – micro markets are creating a transformative shift, revolutionising the traditional workplace vending landscape.

Outstanding Growth: Micro Markets Outpace Vending

In 2022, the industry has seen a huge surge in micro market locations and sales growth across the US, far outpacing the growth in vending machines. The Vending MarketWatch report shows that the number of micro market locations in the US has increased by an incredible 18% across the year, compared with vending machine numbers, which grew by a modest 4.5%.

Micro markets have been steadily gaining popularity as more and more workplaces replace their legacy vending machines with a more modern and flexible alternative. Unlike the limited choices offered by vending machines, micro markets can provide convenient access to a wide range of fresh products, including fresh fruit, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and sushi. With over 30,000 micro market locations in the US as of 2022, there is a rapid shift occurring which is revolutionising the way employees access food at work.

Trend towards health: Healthy Product Sales Up 40%

One of the fundamental highlights from this year’s report is the whopping 40% growth in sales of healthy products within micro markets. The growing awareness and focus on health and wellbeing by both employers and employees is driving demand for more nutritious options. With a large range of healthy options, micro markets are fuelling this exciting shift and becoming the obvious choice for employers trying to improve the health, happiness, and productivity of their teams, not to mention a highly attractive benefit for existing and prospective employees.

The data from 2022 is clear – the micro market sector has seen a exceptional year of growth, with a remarkable increase in the number of micro market locations and rapidly increasing demand for healthier products. These trends indicate a clear preference for the enhanced experience and range of options offered by micro markets, catering to the changing needs and preferences of employees in the post-covid work environment.

In response to the growing importance of employee wellbeing and the need to attract top talent, Australian employers are increasingly focused on enhancing company culture and improving on-site amenities and benefits. As the Australian industry leader in healthy micro markets, Morsl is uniquely placed to solve these problems across the office, industrial, and healthcare sectors, creating happier, healthier, and more productive workplaces.

To read the full report: State of the Industry for Vending and Micro Market Report: 2022 was a year of continued recovery | Vending Market Watch

Source: Rogers, M. (2023, June 21). State of the Industry for Vending and Micro Market Report: 2022 was a year of continued recovery. Vending Market Watch.

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