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Morsl Expands with Warehouse Space in NSW and VIC

Brand New Warehouse

Morsl has made another giant leap forward by taking on its very own warehouse space. For the last few years, we’ve been using a 3PL (third-party logistics provider) to build scale and expand nationally. Today, we have the necessary scale to bring operations in-house to support our growth.

Brand New Warehouse

Brand New Warehouse

Having our own warehouse space will give us greater flexibility and control over our operations, allowing us to respond more quickly to the needs of our customers, upkeep our Self Service Markets, and manage our inventory more efficiently. Plus, It also allows us to further invest in our infrastructure and equipment to support our growing business.

Being able to support our Micro Markets at a higher capacity means we can increase our offerings, improve our service levels, and satisfy the growing demand for convenient and accessible food options in workplaces. 

The Morsl team is very excited about another benefit of this move: we will officially now have a Morsl HQ. This will be a place for the team to come together regularly as the company embarks on what is expected to be its biggest year yet. With this, we know it will give us a sense of ownership and a sense of pride, and belonging to the company, fostering a stronger company culture to outwork the mission and vision of Morsl.

This move is a big step forward for Morsl, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team. We are excited to see what the future holds and are confident that this move will be the driving force behind our continued growth and success.

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Announcing Morsl’s Partnership with Charter Hall

Charter Hall and Morsl have partnered together to take an industry leading approach in improving employee health and wellbeing within the industrial and logistics sector through Morsl’s healthy micro markets.

Charter Hall is one of Australia’s largest owners of Industrial and Logistics Property. They are driven by their purpose to deliver long-term outcomes that are positive for all. Within that, their Social Strategy is to support the health and wellbeing of their partners, customers and their employees.

Together, we are passionate for change across the Industrial sector. Employees in this sector are often faced with many environmental impacts to their mental and physical health, including long, physical work shifts, elevated noise levels, and limited access to healthy food options in factory settings.

By implementing our Morsl self-service cafes across their national portfolio and development assets, we can create healthier work environments that lead to enhanced health, greater engagement and improved productivity.

“Good nutrition is the foundation of health and wellbeing,” says Charter Hall Industrial & Logistics CEO Richard Stacker.

“By integrating Morsl into a facility, our tenant customers will enhance the personal health and wellbeing of their employees, boost morale and job satisfaction, improve employee productivity and contribute to a happier, healthier industry.”


We are pleased to say, this partnership is already well underway. Morsl is now supporting the Charter Hall tenants, Capral Aluminium and Aramex, with a lot more to come.

We look forward to sharing with you the positive impact and changes our partnership will bring across the sector.


Morsl Launches in the Southern Hemisphere’s Biggest Warehouse

morsl kiosk

Morsl always dreamed big and it is no surprise how excited we are to launch our Morsl micro markets within the largest warehouse in the Southern Hemisphere. Whilst we can’t officially say who it is, you may be able to guess 😉

Our two micro markets, will house over 5,000 items, to serve more than 1,500 employees on a 24/7 basis. With multiple payment kiosks, snack bays and rows of coolers for the fresh food and drinks, we officially went live in January 2022.

Morsl has now expanded into coffee, supporting the location with large fully automatic machines offering a 15 item menu including coffee, chai and hot chocolate. Through our partnership with Lavazza, we are bringing a premium coffee culture to our customers.

With an additional 9 small breakrooms through the warehouse to support staff on their short breaks, we are also managing 6 vending machines to make sure staff always have easy access to over 2,000 snack and drink options. You wouldn’t believe that it takes 2.5 hours to cover the 9 breakrooms!! Our Morsl team are fitter than ever 😉

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Morsl Launches in Victoria

Victoria we have arrived! When two of our online retail clients asked if we could support them in Victoria, we couldn’t say no. We were beyond proud to be given the opportunity and we felt like it was time for Morsl to continue further on its mission to impact employee health.

Our first micro market installation was at Officework’s new despatch warehouse in Derrimut. We installed the market before the location went live so it was ready for their staff on day 1. Our solution supported their team members to access healthy and fresh food during their shifts. The beauty of our flexible model is that we have been able to easily adapt as the number of team members increase.

Our second micro market installation is also for a major online retailer (shhh we can’t say which one), which operates 24/7. The warehouse has 600 staff that work across two shifts. The unhealthy vending machines went out and we came in!! Our markets embrace the 80:20 rule to healthy eating and not so healthy foods to offer a balanced approach to eating.

Our installation took place over two days;

  • Day 1: All fixtures, coolers and cooler monitoring equipment installed
  • Day 2: Payment equipment set up and all snacks and drinks stocked
  • Day 3: Fresh food stocked and ready for launch day

This market contains two payment kiosks to cater to the large groups who have 15 and 30 min breaks, offering over 1,500 items.

This installation took our total micro market installations to eleven. Given the experts say getting past ten is the hardest – here is a fun little video in celebration (make sure the music is on) showcasing our installation process. We’re happy to say we now have our installations down to a fine art.

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Morsl Launches At Leading Insurance Call Centre

morls micromarket

Call centres have generally lagged the broader market in their approach to employee wellness, but Greenstone Financial Services is setting a new trend. 


Call centres are known for their very challenging work environments which has resulted in the industry having one of the highest staff turnover rates across all industries.

The more significant challenges being:

  1. Managing the increasingly volatile nature of customers, particularly in the era of COVID, which has led to increased stress levels of staff;
  2. Longer and demanding work schedules, making it difficult to eat well and focus on activities which promote wellness;
  3. The slower pace of call centre employers to adopt broad wellness and engagement initiatives for their staff.

Greenstone Financial Services, who distributes insurance through their Australian-based call centre, is tackling some of these challenges with the recent opening of their new office that has set the standard in call centre employee engagement.

The seven story building is spacious with loads of natural light, an expansive outdoor terrace and barbecue area and multiple collaboration points that encourages team building. We couldn’t miss pointing out the table tennis and games area that creates a buzz at every lunchtime.

That’s where Morsl comes in. Greenstone Financial Services care about their staff having convenient access to nutritious fresh food, snacks and drinks that caters to staff across all shifts. Morsl lives by the 80:20 rule ensuring the staff have a healthy and balanced diet, eating 80% of better-for-you foods and the remaining 20% is about indulging without a guilty feeling. Greenstone recognises that good nutrition can lead to healthier, happier and more productive employees.

Morsl has been installed in their main break room area, customised to fit the style and decor of their new fitout. With a subsidy program to further support healthy eating, Greenstone is importantly focussed on the wellbeing of their staff.

Just why is overall employee wellness and engagement so important for call centres? Studies have proven that is it vital to focus on employee satisfaction in order to drive customer satisfaction. The satisfaction levels of employees is what will ultimately drive how they treat their customers. Here are some compelling stats according to Vantage Circle;

“Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability from a business standpoint”

“86% of buyers are willing to pay more for excellent customer service”

The message is therefore simple; if you want satisfied customers, create satisfied employees and when you have satisfied customers this leads to a higher ROI for the company.

With the Morsl team being onsite for the first week to assist the staff in using their new market, we couldn’t help but notice how happy and appreciative the staff were not only for their new Morsl market but for the incredible work space Greenstone has created for them.

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Morsl Launches At Major Online Retailer

With the growth in industrial property servicing the boom in online sales, Morsl’s micro markets are able to solve a significant challenge often faced by the employees at these locations.


One of the key challenges often faced by companies operating within an industrial site, is how to ensure their staff have convenient access to fresh and nutritious food 24/7.

This has been a difficult challenge to solve given the buildings are often located in areas with limited food options, the employees work across shifts which can be 24/7 and the breaks are often limited to 30 minutes.

To date, the options have been:

  1. Unhealthy vending machines;
  2. An in-house cafe that only caters to a percentage of the shift workers ; or
  3. A drive-by food truck that comes once a day

I think we can all agree, none of these options have been ideal both from a convenience or nutrition perspective.

That’s where Morsl comes in, with our self-service food and drink markets that sit directly in a place of work. The markets are designed to look like a trendy café, which offer nutritionist curated fresh food, snacks and drinks. Purchases are made via our cashless self-checkout kiosks.

With our markets operating by the 80/20 rule, we are ensuring the staff have a healthy and balanced diet, eating 80% of better-for-you foods and the remaining 20% is about indulging without a guilty feeling. Plus let’s not forget the exciting and varying fresh food staff can enjoy.

Whilst Morsl is one of the first to bring micro-markets to Australia, the concept has been in the US for over ten years serving companies such like Tesla, Amazon, Boeing, DHL and 3M.

The key benefits that a Morsl market provides include:

  1. It supports employee health and wellbeing
  2. It helps to reduces absenteeism and presenteeism cost to employers
  3. It enhances company culture – attract and retain quality talent
  4. Increases employee productivity and engagement

Morsl is, therefore, very excited to announce that it recently launched a new market at a major online retailer’s fulfilment centre in the outer suburbs of Sydney. With over 600 staff working across 24/7, our market is a game changing benefit for their employees.

In light of COVID, our market has been positioned for clear traffic flow, perspex screens between POS’, hand sanitisers at each pay station and a regular cleaning and sanitisation program.

We hope you enjoy seeing how we have transformed this company’s workplace.

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A Note From Our CEO

Business Update, October 2020

You may have noticed we have been a little quiet on social media for the last few months. This is not because we’ve been taking a break – quite the opposite.

As the landscape of our client base continues to evolve due to COVID, so has our business. COVID has proven that our micro market solution solves a significant challenge for many companies especially across the manufacturing, warehouse and logistics space. COVID also forced us to accelerate our plans to explore new verticals outside of the typical office environment, which has been met with promising opportunity.

As the result of our recent efforts, we are very happy to announce that we have secured a major online retailer as a client. With a business that operates 24/7, our fresh and healthy food solution is a game changing benefit for their employees.

It’s important to mention that we have also used the time to bring on new fresh food suppliers that will continue to elevate our offering as well as building an incredible Morsl team that brings valuable expertise and passion to the business.

All of our clients have been fantastic over this period, communicating changes in staffing numbers that have allowed us to easily adapt.

Morsl remains incredibly committed to its mission of helping Australians eat better and is well placed for the exciting opportunities ahead.

Kindest Regards,

Morsl Launches First Pop-Up

Morsl launches its first pop up market in response to COVID.


Solving Today’s Challenges

With the current limitation of cafes and restaurants due to COVID, Morsl was able to assist one of Australia’s leading financial institutions in helping them bring their staff back to the office.

Our pop-up market consisting of a cooler for fresh food, ready meals and our snack bay, provides a healthy food solution for staff, with payment made via a mobile phone app.

Our pop up market has been able to solve a number of the challenges that COVID presents;

  1. The use of our mobile phone app allows for contactless payment
  2. Our unattended market provides a true grab and go solution
  3. The onsite convenience allows staff to avoid external sources
  4. A 24/7 offer caters to staff who want the flexibility to access food at different times of the day
Employee Wellness

Additionally, as employees return to the office, they will have a renewed focus on their health and wellbeing. With Morsl’s mission to improve the eating habits of Australian employees, we curated the market to include:

  • Pre and probiotic drinks and snacks good for gut health;
  • Immunity boosting shots; and
  • Superfoods for overall health.

Our client has done an outstanding job in making their employees feel safe and valued as they begin returning to the office and we’re proud that Morsl played a key role in that strategy.

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Meeting the challenges of a new flexible workplace post COVID

The key theme post coronavirus appears to be flexibility and Australian employers will need to adapt their workplace accordingly. 

It’s fair to say that our way of working may never be the same, but will it be as dramatic as some now forecast? I agree with Phil Kirschner, Workplace Strategist @ WeWork that “COVID has simply accelerated (not altered) the trajectory that we were already on; the only significant change may be corporate and managerial acceptance of remote working as an option for people who want it to take advantage of it.” 

Working from home certainly has its benefits. But as we see right now, prolonged periods of working from home can become incredibly lonely, with the discussion on mental health at an all-time high. Let’s admit it. When we finally come out of home isolation, we will have a renewed appreciation for our work colleagues, a bout of new material for the office banter and a new-found joy for sitting in a meeting room with people other than our kids. 

Transitioning staff back to the office 

Unfortunately, the transition back into the office won’t be an immediate one. As the Australian Government recently declared, social-distancing restrictions will likely stay ‘until a vaccine is found’. 

What does that mean for the workplace? It is expected employees will start coming back in stages. Employers will likely provide staff the flexibility to work outside usual working hours and some may elect to work from home a few days a week. The key theme post coronavirus appears to be flexibility and Australian employers will need to adapt their workplace accordingly. 

In addition to flexibility, there will also be a renewed focus by staff on their health and wellbeing. Some companies have already moved employee wellness to a higher strategic priority. I think we can perhaps expect employees to start demanding more benefits that promote better health. Improved access to healthy food would be quick win for employers, providing access to nutritious and healthy products that not only boost energy levels and increase brain function but improve gut health and overall immunity. It’s a win for employers and a win for employees. 

The changing face of how employees access food 

With the closure of most in-house cafeterias, cafes and restaurants since March, our way of eating during the workday may never be the same. Sadly, it will likely be some time before we all pile out of the office and go for our usual Friday group lunch. The question is, how can these cafes, in particular the in-house cafeterias, reopen in a way that adapts to a prolonged period of transitioning back to the office and in a new environment of flexible working arrangements.

Another trajectory which is likely to accelerate as a result of COVID-19, is that of self-service food and drink markets. We may not have realised it, but self-service has already become engrained in our everyday lives via the supermarket self-checkouts. It’s fast, it’s contactless and right now it feels safe, which is why 87% of shoppers now prefer to shop in stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options.1

Self-service becoming the new normal

Self-service food and drink markets, otherwise known as unattended markets or micro-markets, were borne out of the US and are often positioned directly in a place of work. In such a market, the employee picks a product from an open rack display, or reach-in refrigerator and scans the item at a self-checkout kiosk or via a mobile phone app. They are designed to offer a broad range of food and drink products which include fresh food such salads, sandwiches and ready meals for example. 

The benefit of such markets is that they are contactless, they are available around the clock and they can ensure staff have convenient access to healthy and nutritious foods. 

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges 

The self-service model is able to respond to the challenges we see in tomorrow’s flexible workplace.

  1. As staff transition back to the workforce, the social distancing rules will likely remain in place for some time
  • The use of a mobile phone app allows for contactless payment at the self-service markets
  • Unattended markets provide a true grab and go solution with no physical contact
  • The onsite convenience allows staff to avoid external sources
  • A 24/7 offer, caters to those staff who want the flexibility to work outside of usual hours

2. It is expected staff will transition back in stages

  • As an unattended market does not incur onsite staffing costs, the market has the flexibility to easily adjust. This means, the stocking levels are adjusted according to the change in staffing numbers.

3. The new workplace will likely have a more flexible workforce

  • Micro markets can operate in locations from 100 people upwards versus in-house cafeterias which require at least 1,000 people onsite every day to be viable
  • A flexible workforce requires less office space. A micro market servicing, 500 people, only needs five square metres.

4. Staff will have a renewed focus on their wellbeing

  • Micro-markets will make it easy for staff to improve their eating habits via the product selection and by its convenience
  • The markets consist of coolers stocked with fresh food ensuring staff can always access fresh and healthy meals 
  • Markets with a healthy philosophy can provide products that boost energy levels, increase brain function, improve gut health and importantly, overall immunity

While we continue to debate what the new norm is, it’s clear that self-service food and drink markets have a renewed purpose in assisting people back into their work lives and to assist in a world where flexibility and enhanced wellness is likely here to stay.

Morsl Launches @ Officeworks

Morsl has opened at Officeworks North Rocks, solving a key challenge many companies face today.

We are proud to announce our latest micro market installation at Officeworks, North Rocks NSW.

Our market has solved a challenge that to date, has been hard to solve. The office is located in an industrial zone that has very limited food options, a business model that operates 24/7 and the recent closure of an in-house cafe that couldn’t sustain itself.

In comes Morsl, providing team members with convenient, onsite 24/7 access to fresh food, snacks and beverages. It’s a game changer for the teams, who greatly appreciate Officework’s focus on their health and wellbeing.

Here are a few quotes from the team members;


“Absolutely love Morsl already! So great to have such a wide range of healthy options for the Team. The system is so user friendly, looks great and has been a hit with everyone. Can’t thank them enough for the support and the product”

“Good value, food tastes fresh”

“Really, really Cool”

“Good to have an account you can just top up when you need to”

“Happy to have some healthy options and great it is always open”

“So many different options, food is fresh and delicious”

Love the salads! Vietnamese Chicken is a favourite so far, looking forward to trying them all”

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