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Improve employee wellbeing with a Morsl self-service café

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Morsl Micro Market

Our automated, self-service café solution, serving fresh food, snacks and drinks inside the workplace.

Available 24/7, our micro markets make healthy eating quick, easy and affordable, elevating employee wellbeing and productivity at minimal to no cost to you.

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A modular design, customised to suit the size and demographics of your team.
Operated within a secure and controlled environment, with smart security and inventory controls.
User friendly kiosks from the world’s leading micro-market technology brand, ensuring speed and convenience.
We manage the design, installation and launch, helping to create a welcoming environment for your staff.
High Definition LCD Screen
AI cameras to detect product selection
Secure smart lock – Tap a credit/debit card or scan the QR code with the app to open the door
A great range of better-for-you fresh food, snacks and drinks
Stylish, modular design

Morsl Smart Fridge

Our innovative, AI powered food solution, serving fresh and healthy options in smaller workplaces and public spaces.

Customers simply tap a credit/debit card or scan the QR code to open the door, take their desired products and then close the door to be automatically charged for their selection.

Did you know?

Research suggests that effective health and wellbeing programs offer a significant return on investment for employers. How? They can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved staff morale and better engagement at work.

Watch the video or download the written case study to learn how Morsl has improved employee health and wellbeing at Officeworks:


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- Our markets are available 24/7 and located conveniently onsite for quick and easy access
- In an open market, employees can view each item and its nutritional information before purchase


- Scan item at the self-service kiosk or mobile app
- Payment can be made using the contactless card reader, or
- via a Market account accessed with a fingerprint or scan code

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- Markets are regularly stocked and maintained by our market managers, making it hassle free for you
- We focus on employee engagement to improve eating behaviours
- Our Coffee, Breakroom Procurement and Catering/Engagement Solutions makes us your one-stop shop for all food and beverage needs


green food

Real-time remote monitoring ensures security and inventory levels are maintained


Active Management 

Regular promotions, new products and health campaigns keep employees engaged, encouraging healthy eating.

Our Products

  • We survey employees, aligning our offering to meet their needs and preferences. We can offer gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, nut free, kosher and halal options.
  • A broad and rotating range of 1,000+ products, including fresh fruit, ready-to-eat meals, sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi, snacks and drinks.
  • Our markets follow the 70/30 rule to encourage healthy and balanced eating habits, with 70% delicious better-for-you options and 30% indulgent treats. This ensures that we cater to everyone’s tastes and compete effectively with other providers.

Why Morsl?



  • Reduces absenteeism and presenteeism costs
  • Significantly increases employee productivity
  • Enhances company culture – attract and retain quality talent
  • Flexible solutions to suit any operating mode



  • Enhances personal health and wellbeing
  • Save time during breaks
  • Staff across all shifts receive the same level of food service
  • Better morale and job satisfaction

Decision Maker

Competitive Advantages

  • 5 years unrivalled micro-market experience
  • A proven model, trusted by Australia’s most prominent companies
  • A diverse and high calibre support team to ensure success
  • A recognised wellness brand that seeks to inspire, educate and connect

Our Team

Karla Borland

CEO & Founder

James George

Chief Commercial Officer

Roberto Carrano

National Head of Operations

Anna Lewin-Tzannes

Business Development Manager

Hugh McGlone

Business Development Manager

Thomas Beaven

Marketing and Communications Manager

King Cabrera

National Procurement Manager

Jodie Robison

VIC Account Manager & Inhouse Nutritionist

Marc Reynes

Project Manager

Our mission: To transform workplaces into healthier, happier and more productive spaces, for the mutual benefit of all employees and employers.


Morsl's Catering and Engagement Solutions are designed to enhance workplace culture and increase employee engagement. They aim to cultivate a positive work environment and boost employee morale.
Morsl works closely with partners to create unique events and experiences that align with your organisational goals and values. This includes both small and large event catering, as well as customised engagement products for special occasions.
Morsl is equipped to support all of your workplace food and beverage needs, tailoring solutions to meet your requirements and managing the entire process of catering and event organisation end-to-end.

Want to create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace?

A micro-market solution is suitable for workplaces with 150+ employees.

Enquire below and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.