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Micro Markets

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At our markets, security is a top priority.

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Security Cameras

Our markets are equipped with 24/7 security cameras to ensure the safety and security of our customers and your employees.


Privacy is of the utmost importance to us, which is why our best vending machine cameras and security systems are only used to monitor our products. We strive to protect the privacy of our customers and your employees at all times.

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Morsl conducts a weekly inventory check of all products in our vending business to ensure that everything is in good condition and that all items are up to date, including checking expiration dates to ensure that our customers have access to the freshest and highest-quality products.

Did you know?

Offering healthy food options to employees can improve a business in numerous ways, including increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, enhanced staff morale, and improved engagement in the workplace.

Watch the video or download the written case study to learn how MORSL improved staff wellbeing at Officeworks:


Our Markets

Micro markets are an ideal solution for businesses with over 150 employees, as they offer food vending machines which have been carefully designed to fit seamlessly into any unique space and offer a convenient way for employees to purchase food and drinks.

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Turnkey, modular solution. You decide how many snack, food and drink sections you want.
Our markets operate within a monitored framework.
Quick and easy to operate self-serve checkout for speed and convenience.
We manage the installation and help to create a welcoming environment for your staff.

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Want a healthier workplace for your employees?

The micro markets are suitable for companies with more than 150 employees.