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Help your Employees
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Improve employee satisfaction by offering secure payment options at Markets.

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Scan Items

At Morsl's Micro Markets, employees can quickly and conveniently scan all their food products at the food vending machines kiosk.

Tap & Go

Payment can be made by either card or Apple Pay.

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Account Based

Accounts accessed at the market can be done so using either a fingerprint scan or a code.

Did you know?

Providing your staff with healthy eating options, can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, improved staff morale, and better engagement at work – all effects which translate to good business sense.

Watch the video or download the written case study to learn how MORSL improved staff wellbeing at Officeworks:


Our Payments

Micro Markets are perfect for companies with over 150 employees; with their elegant, custom-made self-service cafés, there is no need to store cash onsite. Plus, the Kiosk payment system makes adding money to an employee's account easy and secure.

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Turnkey, modular solution. You decide how many snack, food and drink sections you want.
Our markets operate within a monitored framework.
Quick and easy to operate self-serve checkout for speed and convenience.
We manage the installation and help to create a welcoming environment for your staff.

Our mission: To improve employee health through better eating choices


At a Micro market, employees typically pay for their purchases with either credit card or on there account.

Additionally, micro markets accept NFC-based payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This makes it easier and more secure for employees to pay for their items without having to fumble for cash or wait for a card to be swiped.
Payment at Morsl Micro market is highly secure. All payments are encrypted and handled in compliance with global security standards.
You can add money onto an employee's account by going to their profile page in the Morsl Micro market dashboard.

From there you will be able to enter in the amount you'd like to add and select the payment method you'd like to use. Once confirmed, the money will be added to the employee's account.

Learn more about Morsl's Micro Markets

Want a healthier workplace for your employees?

The micro markets are suitable for companies with more than 150 employees.