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Help your Employees
Happier Healthier More Productive

Emphasize employee wellbeing by providing the highest quality foods and items.

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At Morsl's Micro Markets, we have hand picked the finest and healthiest foods to be available at all times.


Carefully handpicking food that not only improves health, but energy and employee satisfaction through healthy vending machines..

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Improve Eating

Morsl's goal is to improve eating habits by providing a vending machine with healthy products on-site, thus preventing employees from opting for fast food options.

Did you know?

Giving your employees access to nutritious meals can result in increased productivity, fewer absences, higher morale, and increased involvement for workrelated matters all of which are beneficial for the success of the company.

Watch the video or download the written case study to learn how MORSL improved staff wellbeing at Officeworks:


Healthy Eating

If your company has more than 150 employees, then a Micro Market would be an excellent option due to the wide range of nutritious food choices that can help to promote employee health and wellbeing.

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Turnkey, modular solution. You decide how many snack, food and drink sections you want.
Our markets operate within a monitored framework.
Quick and easy to operate self-serve checkout for speed and convenience.
We manage the installation and help to create a welcoming environment for your staff.

Our mission: To improve employee health through better eating choices


Morsl's Micro Markets offers a wider variety of healthier snack options, such as fruits, nuts, and whole grain snacks, as well as healthier beverage options like water and unsweetened tea. This helps employees make healthier choices when they are looking for a quick snack.

Morsl's Micro Markets display the nutritional content of the products it sells so that employees can make informed choices about what they are eating.

Our markets promote the idea of taking breaks to move around and stretch or even include information about nearby walking paths or fitness centers.
All food and beverage products available at Morsl's Micro Markets have the nutritional values printed on the packaging.

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Do you want to create a healthier workplace environment for your employees?

The micro markets are suitable for companies with more than 150 employees.