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Morsl Pantry

Transform your workplace with a Morsl Pantry and boost morale and productivity, one snack at a time. With a wide and rotating range of nutritionist-curated snacks, we keep your pantry stocked and enticing for the team, at very cost-effective rates.

Our emphasis on quality, natural ingredients, and varied choices promotes a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace, and incentivises employees to come to the office.

Freestanding or Inbuilt Snack Bar

A freestanding or in-built snack bar, regularly restocked by our team

  • Restocked and Merchadised weekly
  • Morsl or Custom Branding available
  • Includes up to 25 snack varieties each week
  • No Lock-In Contract

Morsl Snack Boxes

Delicious snack boxes, perfect for smaller lunch rooms, meetings or for home delivery to staff

  • Choose a mixed selection of healthy Morsl Favorites or build your own box
  • Weekly Subscriptions avaliable
  • Home delivery available for remote/unwell staff or as gifts

Our mission: To transform workplaces into healthier, happier and more productive spaces, for the mutual benefit of all employees and employers.

Boost morale and drive productivity with a healthy Morsl Pantry!